he my ex boyfriend Sean

I have a ex boyfriend named Sean he is so sweet and nice but here what I did I didn’t treat him right I mean it. He was everything I started to want in a guy and he was uber sweet. But he was a little bit controlling and I didn’t like that one bit yet I guess I did but one day I got a warning sign and I couldn’t ignore it. I wish I did because I really did love him and I still do I just wish I stop listening to all the negative that my friends said about him. I also wish I didn’t like playing mind games with guys I feel really bad and its like I give them all hope but they never get the chance I can also blame the books and movies I have watched in my past I am not a BIG FAN of who I became and I am trying to change that slowly and I have to learn that I have flaws and I need to also remind myself that I really did screw up with Sean but I can’t talk to him he would not talk to me and I understand that. But if you Sean Michael Archibeque are reading this I am sorry will you forgive me and just give a chance to be a friend I miss you.

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I am a new driver to this lovely world and I just drove on a major road and I have to say I actually did will and I am proud of myself I am doing not that bad and to be honest I never thought that I would ever get my drivers license I mean I did but not this soon of and I am twenty and almost twenty one yup I have to say I am moving up in this world so look out and watch for the crazy girl drive.

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